Get Glowing Skin In Summer: The Easy Way

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Summer is finally here!

It’s one of the well-loved seasons because of sea, sun and sand. Although Mumbai doesn’t experience the extreme weather, we do have our share of cold days at times. So when the summer comes, it’s time to take skincare game to the next level. With Mumbai’s humid weather; the scorching summer heat is unforgiving on the skin. To combat these; check out the simple ways that can help you get glowing skin in summer.


This is something that I prioritize. Sun protection for my face, hands, legs, and any other exposed parts of my body is non-negotiable. Excessive sun exposure can damage your skin and cause sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, skin cancer, and premature aging.

Invest in a sunblock or sunscreen that has a broad UV spectrum (at least SPF 30).

I apply it twice a day on all the exposed parts.


During summer, our skin works extra hard to keep itself healthy. We can aid our skin in this process by exfoliating it gently. Exfoliation helps buff away the dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking radiant.


Toners are a must-have during the summer months. A good toner keeps my  skin oil-free and clean. It also reduces the appearance of pores.


If you think that  skin does not need moisturizer during the summer months, then think again. The only difference is that the heavy moisturizers that worked during winter will not work during summer.

I use a light moisturizer when the weather is warm.

Pick a non-greasy and lightweight moisturizer that will help lock in the essential moisture of your skin.


The area around the eyes is more delicate as compared to the rest of the  face and needs extra care.

Whenever I am stepping out in the sun, I wear sunglasses without fail. This prevents wrinkle formation around the eyes.

I also apply a moisturizing eye cream both during the day and at night.


I avoid hot showers and steam baths during summer as they dehydrate the  skin. I take a cold water shower instead. It keeps my skin pores unclogged and prevents acne breakouts. It is also much more refreshing.

The scorching summer heat can be unforgiving on the skin. The pollution, intense summer sun, heat, and humidity causes many skin issues. Tanning, dry patches, overactive sebaceous glands, sunburn, pigmentation, blemishes, and acne – these are a few issues that we may face during summer. That is why I follow these easy remedies to get  glowing skin in summer. I also update my skin care products and routine with the changing seasons.

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