Weekend Getaway: Lonavala


After staying indoors from past 19 months due to the ongoing pandemic; we finally mustered enough courage to travel for a weekend getaway from Mumbai to Lonavala.  Our first vacation since the onset of pandemic.

Lonavala is an extremely popular hill station situated between Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra and is known for its natural beauty and cool climate. It’s about 64 kms west of Pune and 96 km to the east of Mumbai.

It’s a  short drive of about 2- 3 hrs from Mumbai depending on the day and time of visit and of course traffic.


Usually, Mumbaikars travel to Lonavala on weekends to unwind and enjoy is pleasant climate.

There are many place to visit in Lonavala if you are fond of trekking. But personally we don’t like trekking so we did not visit them.


Among other places, we visited Tiger’s Point which is also known as Tiger’s Leap. It is a cliff-top with a sheer drop of over 650 m, giving an extensive view. Just around the tiger’s leap, there is a small waterfall active only during the monsoon. So, we could not see it at this time of the year.

Apart from Tiger’s Point, there are other places to visit like Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedsa that are close to Lonavala. There are two fortresses, Lohagad and Visapur and Tungi fort.


Bushi Dam and Tungarli Dam are also great places to visit. Not to forget Pawna Dam which is usually a camping site during weekends.

A visit to Lonavala is incomplete without chikki, chocolate fudge and varieties of candies. The main bazaar or market is lined with shops selling these and many other goodies.

There is variety of food available in Lonavala to suit everyone’s palate. Local as well as food chains.  And there are also lots of resorts to choose from depending upon one’s preference, requirement and budget.

The climate in Lonavala is cool and pleasant. It did rain the day we landed and that also in November.


All in all, Lonavala is a good place to unwind on a weekend.

We had lots of fun and came back refreshed.

Which is your favourite weekend destination? comment below.

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