8 Things To Do To End Workday Happy

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After working in the corporate world for years; when I look back; I realise that there was nothing more that I wanted to do than go home as soon as possible especially after working for very long hours. But even after going home; I use to find it hard to disconnect from the day. Not only the happenings of the day would keep repeating in my head; I would try and figure out what I had missed that day or could not finish. It just went on and on. I was just anxious and burnt out  all the time. It’s then I started to incorporate things to do to end workday.

I also realised that one key to a successful morning is ending the previous day properly. The end of your day sets the stage for tomorrow, and the beginning of your day sets the stage for rest of today.

After incorporating certain things to end workday made me relaxed. I could sleep peacefully.

Ending your day on a positive note will also ensure that feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Here’s how you can end your work day positively.

1. Assess your to-do list

Ensure you are where you needed to be at the end of the day. Also, if there is a task which can be done quickly before you leave; do it. This will save you time the next day.

2. Schedule for the next day

Make sure you’re aware of all the task to be completed the next day. This includes meeting and calls also. You can also schedule time on your calendar to finish any remaining items from today’s to-do list.

3. Tidy up your workstation

Before calling it a day; take a few minutes to organise your paperwork, toss any trash and put things where they belong.

4. Conclude the work

Be sure to finish little task which you have been postponing due to more pressing and urgent work. Take a few minutes to send that email which you have been wanting to send since lunch or touch base with a colleague you wanted to see.

5. Make a new to-do list

Decide what you need to accomplish the next day and plan how you will achieve it. Based on the day’s events; you’ll probably update or expand your existing list depending upon your objectives.

6. Say good bye

It important to say a friendly and proper goodbye to everyone while leaving to end the day with a positive note.

7. Be green

Turn off your lights and equipment.

8. Disconnect

Don’t be afraid to shut down your mobile phone.  Let people know about it. When you walk out of the door be sure to tell your colleagues the period of time you will be unavailable and stick to it.


Closing out your day in an orderly and positive way is important for that clean psychological transition into the personal side of life. Nobody likes that feeling of unfinished business hanging over their head.

Another reason to end your day the right way is its huge effect on the level of stress and happiness you carry home with you. It impacts your health, your marriage and family life, your sleep and overall level of happiness and satisfaction.

So, how do you end your workday? Comment below.

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