Resolve Conflict At Workplace in 7 Easy Steps

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When you get some people together to spend time in a closed space for hours together day after day; it’s bound to create conflict.  People you have screened meticulously during interviews most often do not resolve conflict at workplace. It is more so in modern offices where most of the people come from very diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Workplace conflict can occur in a variety of ways: between two employees, among entire teams or between supervisors and the team members they manage.

As difficult as the issue might seem at the moment, resolving team conflict is possible.

Conflict resolution is integral in the corporate world as it helps to distinguish a good business from a bad one.

Well, below are some ways through which you can manage and resolve conflict in the workplace.

1) Accept conflict

If there is ever a conflict; don’t avoid, ignore or pretend nothing happened. As time passes, things will get only worse. Try to resolve these difficult issues as soon as possible, before it takes root.

If you notice tension among employees, ask them to find a solution on priority. If there is a conflict simmering between two teams, it’s should be the right time to work up interdepartmental communications. If you have a conflict with one of your employee, resolve it immediately and in private.

2) Understanding the cause of conflict

The first step in resolving conflict is understanding the cause of conflict. It will enable you to comprehend the issue at hand. Ensure you get to the core of the conflict and obtain as much information as possible on every person’s point of view. Ask questions until you are confident that all the conflicting parties understand the issue properly.

3) Set up a meeting to discuss

Set up a time and place where you can talk for an extended span of time without outside interruptions.

When you meet, each person should have adequate time to say what he or she believes the other party needs to hear. Ensure that no individual monopolizes the conversation or controls the topic. Each person should be able to talk about the disagreements and how he or she feels about the situation.

Understand, this is not the time and place to attack or assign blame. Focus on the problem, not your personal opinion of the other person.

4) Listen attentively

It’s essential you give complete attention to the person who is talking. Do not interrupt the other person while they are airing his grievances.

Make sure you’re understanding the message they intend to send. Rephrase and repeat back what you’ve heard to confirm understanding.

5) Ask clarifying questions if needed

Listening should always be about gaining understanding and do not react to other person’s words.

6) Find an agreement

The main aim to hold the meeting and understand all the viewpoint is to resolve the problem at hand. And it is only possible when you find points of agreement. You need to work on the similarities and positivity in the situation instead of just negatives.

Discuss commonalities. Share examples and instances in which you agree with the other person or can see each other’s point of view.

Looking for agreement shows your willingness to seek out common ground and build a positive relationship.

7) Appraise way forward and adopt preventative strategies for the future

After agreeing on common ground, decide on preventative strategies for the future. Some people may not agree on everything, and this may lead to issues again. So, look for lessons you can learn from the conflict and how you can handle and prevent it effectively in future.


It’s important to understanding that conflict is part of our day-to-day lives. You will frequently disagree with your family, friends or co-workers on various issues. But, there are various ways to resolve conflict at workplace to ensure the issue is manageable and preventive.

How do you resolve conflict at workplace? Comment below

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