5 Reasons Why You Should Still Wear A Watch

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Before the advent of smart phones, everyone wore watches.  They were essential tools that virtually everyone used. And they did so as it was the only way to keep a track of time. Then, people did not have a phone to just remove from bag and look at what time it was. So, a watch was really important for smooth function of life. Times have changed. A mobile phone now doubles up as watch. But there are a few people who still wear a watch.

The reasons people still wear a watch has now significantly changed from the time when the watches first debuted. At the same time, the number of people wearing watches, has decreased significantly. But it is not very surprising now that everyone carries a mobile phone with them which can tell them exactly what time it is. But the fact is apart from just checking time, there are far more reasons to still wear a watch. And that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in this article.

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1. Watches make great accessories

Today, the vast majority of people who wear watches wear it as an accessory – a piece of jewelry that enhances their style and appearance.

A good looking watch can significantly enhance your appearance, and it can be matched to the outfit you’re wearing. This is perhaps the most common reason people still wear a watch nowadays.

2. Watches reflect style

It’s no secret that watches are often used as a reflection of style or as a statement.

You may have noticed that some people wear only vintage watches, others only dive watches, and so on. That’s because it reflects their personal style.

In other words, with a watch, you can express yourself without saying a single word. And it’s quite powerful.

3. Watches make great Heirlooms

One of the most interesting reasons you should wear a watch because watches are among the most appreciated heirlooms there are.

Old watches have a lot of history, and this is an important reason why collecting vintage watches has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

Owning timepieces that have been passed on through generations is a remembrance of your relatives, the history of what the watch has been through, and where and how it has been used, and the story it tells. High-quality watches are wonderful pieces of craftsmanship that can withstand time. If serviced regularly and taken care of properly, watches have a long life and can be passed on from one generation to generation.

Collecting watches and passing them on to future generations means not only being a part of history, but also passing the history on.

4. Watches solves many purposes and are convenient.

Imagine you are in a rush to get to a job interview and forget your phone. Now, how would you ensure that you would reach on time? The answer is simply wearing a watch.

Watches also allow you to know the time in special occasions and situations. Mobile phones may not be the best choice for soldiers, pilots, divers, students appearing for exams or for a gentleman during his romantic date for that matter. But watches are. That is why, it is more convenient to wear a watch. Being in control of your time is crucial in this hectic pace of modern life.

5. A watch indicates punctuality 

A watch is a symbol of time and wearing a watch implies that you respect the importance of time.

Watch makes that difference between making a positive or negative first impression at a job interview or missing an important event like a train.


I believe a watch can be more helpful than you think. It can lift your style to another level. It makes one appear more polished, sophisticated and put together instantly.

For many people, wearing a watch can have a positive effect on how you spend your time. Watches not only remind you about your time, but also that you need to value it greatly.

So if you are not doing it already, why not start wearing a watch? 

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