A Guide to Rejuvenate After a Hectic Week

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When I come from office every day; I tend to follow my evening routine. This gives me a little me-time after a stressful day. Once the weekend sets in; I just like to indulge myself a little bit more to rejuvenate after a hectic week.

Rejuvenation after a hectic week is very essential for the body and mind to unwind from the toxic week that passed and rest and prepare itself for the week ahead, coming back stronger and better.

I am sharing with you a few ways which can help you rejuvenate after a hectic week.

1) Create work – life balance

Once the week has ended; it’s important to let go and switch- off the work mode. If possible, try and keep all these devices away. Let the eyes rest without a screen, let the ears rest without the sound of a device, let the fingers rest without having to tap buttons.

2) Take care of yourself

Begin by following your morning routine, that is, if you have one. A lazy breakfast in bed, a slow luxurious hot shower, and let the weekend begin on a slow and positive note.

3) Pursue a hobby

Does cooking interest you? Try and cook a delicious spread for yourself.


Do you like to garden? Tend to your plants. It’s a very good stress buster.


Is pottery your passion?

Whatever make you happy; indulge at least an hour on a weekend.

4) Connect with your family and friends

With very hectic weekdays, it’s difficult to keep in touch with your family and friends. Meet up at least one family member or friend for Saturday dinner or Sunday brunch. It’s very important to maintain your circle of close people with whom you can be yourself.

5) Hang out with nature

Our weekdays are spent in the confines of concrete walls, whether it’s our home or office. Why not, find an escape from those walls and enjoy the open wide nature? Trek, long walk, sightseeing and nature photography are some great ways to break the routine of the week and experience some goodness of nature. You won’t regret it! Trust me.

6) Plan a weekend getaway 

Arrange a weekend getaway or a road trip with your girls, your partner or your family. Something near your city but close to nature. It is an excellent way to relax yourself. And to spend quality time with your loved ones.


The weekend is one for renewal, the days to refresh and restore mind and body for the new week ahead of you.

Comment below on how do you rejuvenate after a hectic week?

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