9 Tips To Extend Life Of Clothes

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With people slowly but surely moving away from fast fashion towards slow ones. It has become imperative to extend life of clothes so that we move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

I strongly believe in taking care of stuff around and not necessarily just clothes. But if I need to  extend the life of clothes; I do the following things religiously.

1) Follow the instructions on the label of the garment

Most of the garments nowadays come with wash instruction. I follow all of them without fail like some come with instructions as to wash in cold water or hand wash.

2) Ensure the washing machine is serviced and maintained properly

It is import for appliance to work smoothly; so that they do not spoil the garments. Cheap and old appliances can depreciate over time and their mechanisms not achieving what they were designed to do.

3) Store correctly

After careful washing comes the storing part. Clothes needs to be stored in room temperature away from sunlight. As sunlight fades the colors of the clothes no matter how high quality the garments can be. Heavy party clothes like sarees and lehengas’ needs to be wrapped in muslin clothes and stored away.

4) Avoid harsh chemicals

It’s best to use gentle liquid soap to maintain the garments. Harsh washing agents fade the clothes very fast.

5) Minimize the use of the drier

The heat of a dryer not only shrinks the fabrics of clothes but it can also ruin their fiber’s over time. Use a liquid fabric softener when washing and then hang your clothes or lay them flat to dry. Your clothes will last longer and you’ll also keep energy costs down.

6) Treat stains right away

Unfortunately  set-in stains can ruin clothing.  A hack I always do is, if available, I put a little of talcum powder on the stain. This prevents the stain from setting in. Once I am home, I wash that part with soap and water. And viola! the stain is gone.

7) Dry-clean your clothes for the first time

It is always advisable to dry clean the clothes professionally when washing it the first time. Clothes can then be subsequently washed at home.

8) Invest in quality clothes

It’s always advisable to invest in few good quality clothes that stand the test of time rather than many low quality ones who won’t last at all no matter how much you care for it. Natural materials like cotton, linen and silk are great quality – even if they do cost a little extra. Synthetic materials like polyester will just not keep their shape over time.

9) Mend or upcycle

Always keep a box of buttons on hand. Save the buttons you get with new clothing. If you don’t have a button to match the others, replace them all.

To sum up

Taking good care of clothes will make them last for a long time. This will ensure you always have good clothes for most of the occasions and  it will be easy on your wallet in the long run.

What hacks do you follow to extend the life of your clothes? Do comment below

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