Do you repeat vacations or explore new places?

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I have talked about why I like group travel more than solos.  Going further, let’s talk about vacation type this time, ladies. What type of travel do you prefer? Do you repeat vacations or explore new places?

For me growing up in Mumbai; I was  financially independent at relatively young age. I was kind of ‘always busy’.

During college it was studies and part-time jobs.

After studies it was rigors  of advertising agencies and  long commute.  This left me no time for family and friends. Let alone vacations.

We did travel a bit after marriage as a couple. This was before my daughter was born.

But after she was born; it was office, family and child.

Now that my girl goes to a full time school;  I have again started to think about travelling.

When you are in your 20’s; most vacations are with your family or friends.

After marriage it’s mostly about couple travels. And after kids it’s group travel. Mostly travelling with other families with kids.

Coming to the point, I personally prefer both types of vacations ie repeating vacations and exploring new places. It would of course, depend upon time, finances and sometimes company.

Let’s explore different merits of each type of vacations.

Why repeat vacations are preferred 

— When you go again to a destination; you know what you are getting into.

— Sometimes, you make lifelong friends when travelling. So, if you visit the same destination again; you can always reconnect with people whom you have befriended in previous visits.

— You develop good and positive connection when you visit a hotel/destination repeatedly.

— Repeating a vacation destination allows a vacationer to explore comprehensively into the area  they couldn’t get the first time around.

— Regular vacationers are often given preferential treatment. The staff of hotels/shops get to know them and the hotel is very pleased to have them back and showers them with discounts/rewards and many complimentary services.

— Repeating a vacation is easier, comforting and predictable.

With the options to travel almost anywhere in the world more than ever, many people wouldn’t want to repeat a vacation when they can satisfy their wanderlust and expand their horizons.

Why people like to explore new destinations 

— Learn to connect with people who speak different language and have different cultures.

— Focusing to connect on something completely new.

— Manage and expect something unexpected and uncertain.

— Being someplace where familiarity do not exist encourages personal growth and adaptations.

— Travel wakes up and sharpens you brain as you find your way in unfamiliar places. Trying to              understand foreign languages, trying new foods and adapting to new eating and sleeping schedules.

— New places give travelers different perspectives about the world.

— There are many opportunities to branch out and try new things.

— Travel upends your comfort zones and forces new things upon you. This enhances self-confidence, especially in children.

— New places are invigorating and energizing. Come home renewed.


Planning a vacation at a new place is often time consuming and expensive.

Not to mention if something doesn’t go as planned; it is disappointing and mood buster. But it also opens a whole new world which you had no idea about otherwise.

Repeating vacations is kind of more ‘safe’ as you know what you are getting into.

Whether you prefer repeat vacations or exploring new places; you need to chart out a vacation plan and enjoy the moments of your life and make memories.

Do comment below on what kind of vacations do you prefer ie repeat vacations or explore new places?? 

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