7 Fun Ways To Have Home Staycation

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With pandemic raging around the globe; the idea of going on a vacation seems distinct. While countries, cities and businesses are reopening; there are plenty of valid concerns that may make you hesitant to travel for pleasure anytime soon. Thankfully, you can still score that vacation feeling without ever leaving your house with a home staycation.

It’s especially important to find opportunities to “switch off” as much as possible from our usual routines and the potential stressors of day-to-day mundane life. After all, our homes have been working as offices, day-care centers, and  schools for months now.

While you may not be able to match a relaxing island getaway or a couple’s trip to Europe, you can do the next best thing: Turn your home into a self-care haven.

Here are several ideas for creating a home staycation that will leave you feeling refreshed no matter how much time you have to make it happen.

1) Create the spa experience at home

Spend a day pampering yourself with the perfect manicure and pedicure, detoxifying facial, or exfoliating face or body with scrub.

2) Meditate everyday

Daily meditation helps you clear your mind and bring your awareness back to the present, giving you a much-needed break from everything happening around you.

Five minutes of dedicated mindful meditation will do more good than an hour of distracted meditation. So, set aside sometime time for you and your schedule to practice mindfulness without interruption.

3) Try to recreate Your Vacay Destination to You

If your summer bucket-list trip to France was cancelled, bring France to you. Play French music, watch French movie, eat French food, and drink French wine or import goods straight from France. Wherever you’d like to escape to, try to re-create the environment as closely as possible.

4) Set Clear Boundaries With the People in Your Life

When you are taking a home staycation, treat it like any other vacation. Set up automatic email responses, and be sure to tell everyone you won’t be available for phone calls or zoom meetings.

5) Create ambience for eating

Order a takeout from your favorite restaurant. If you feel like it, you can make your favorite food at home. Soup, appetizer, main course and dessert. Get fancy while eating.

Put out your tablecloth. If you have it, use your good china to serve. Decorate your dining table with a centerpiece of fresh flowers. No flowers? No problem, just be creative. Bunches of green leaves, candles and fresh fruit in a bowl or even a pile of books can all get the job done. Pay attention to lighting. Dim the lights or use candles to set the mood.

6) Indulge in simple pleasures

We often forget the little gestures that hotels make when you are away. Try to include small gestures to live luxuriously. Be it water with sliced cucumbers or fresh fruit, fluffy slippers, plush bathrobes, perfectly crisp and ironed sheets; all of these elements can make your humble abode feel like a boutique hotel.


You don’t need to travel to get the benefits of a vacation. The idea behind a home staycation is to do all the things you would do if you were to travel someplace, but finding ways to incorporate those feelings and experiences within your own home.

Re-creating those relaxing vacation vibes at home can help decrease stress and strengthen your mental well-being.

What did you do for your staycation? Do let us know in the comments below.

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