8 Practical Ways To Ease Packing For A Trip

A suitcase filled with things

Going on a vacation? packing for a trip? trying to cram your cutest outfits into your suitcase? the anxiety of figuring out what to pack and how to make it all fit can dampen your excitement. So, to put your mood back on track; I have complied a list to do away with the packing blues.

Let’s get started.

1. Sort out your Clothes

To begin with, I make a list of clothes depending on number of days, season and my itinerary.

And try to mix and match.  That way I take a few items and just rework them for different looks. For example I’ll take black jeans which I can then wear with a nice evening top and it’s fine to go out for night or I can wear it with a white t-shirt and sandals or sneakers and I can wear it throughout the day.

I also always take spare clothes. Having lost my luggage so many times, I take a change of clothes in case my luggage gets lost.

2. Pack the first outfit you’ll want to wear on top.

If you’re getting off the plane and going straight to dinner or a meeting, plan your outfit and put it into your suitcase last. So when you arrive, you have what you want to wear at the top.

3. Limit the number of shoes you take

I pack a pair of sneakers which I can wear while sightseeing and also take one or two statement heels that can be mixed and matched with different outfits.

4. Reduce beauty products

As far as beauty goes I definitely always take a great sunscreen, cleanser, a good lip balm, mascara, and makeup remover. Maybe a small eyeshadow palette which can double up as blush incase we decide to go for a night out. This way, I have most of the stuff that I need without going overboard.

5. Never Never Check Your Most Essential Items

This might seem obvious but I’ll say it anyway: when flying, never ever pack your most important and valuable items like your passport and license, money/credit cards, wallet, electronics like your cell phone or tablet, expensive sunglasses, jewelry in your checked luggage. This also includes any medications.

6. Avoid over or under-packing

It is tempting to leave space for souvenirs, extra room means items can shift, crumple or break. Fill empty spaces with laundry bags and fill them later with mementos from your trip. It’s important not to over-pack either since it can create crease marks and can make it difficult to repack when you’re going home — or heading off to another locale.

7. Bring a scarf for the plane in your carry-on.

No matter what season it is, planes are often on the chilly side. Bring a pretty, warm wrap that you can bundle up in if the temp doesn’t feel comfortable. You can also fold it and use it as a pillow.

8. Along with these, I always carry an extra tote for souvenirs, a reusable bottle to stay hydrated, two laundry bags for soiled clothes, a small iron and emergency medical kit.


When packing for a trip; I try and keep my luggage as light as possible. So I am really strategic in what I pack and how I pack so that I can take all my essentials with me without having to deal with excess baggage. It’s about being practical and also a bit ruthless when deciding what to cull and keep.

So, how do you pack? Do let us know your experience of packing for a trip in the comments below?

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