13 Pieces To Start Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry Collection

We all have a closet full of must have clothes. A black trouser, a white button down, nude pumps. To elevate these so that your personal style can shine through, we need a basic jewelry collection.

Too often people buy jewelry and never wear it. Building a basic jewelry collection will take some serious thought. Jewelry lasts an entire lifetime, and each piece tells its own tale.

How do I start my  jewelry collection?

It’s all about quality jewelry that you can wear every day, for the rest of your life. Each item of jewelry should be a classic that transcends trends and can be combined with a range of outfits.

Take stock of what you already have and add whatever is needed to complete it.

1. Start with the basics

Diamond studs, hoop earrings, stackable gold rings, simple layerable necklaces and diamond chains, bangles to name a few! Building your collection of basics creates a great foundation for adding other accent pieces like colored gemstones.

2. Buy what you will wear!

Once you have the basics, add to your collection with pieces that are easy to mix and match and wear every day.

3. Check the materials

Make sure what you are buying will last. Many colored gemstones are not ideal for everyday wear, so be informed on their durability.

4. Quality over quantity

Platinum and 18k gold are the way to go for metal and diamonds of good quality. Slowly building a collection of high-quality, exclusive pieces will pay off much more in the long run.

5. Heirloom

Think of what you would want to keep in your family and pass down to the next generation. We’ are sure its fine, exclusive, timeless, elegant and classic. Strive to collect heirloom so that when given, the next generation is equally proud to wear them.

6. Classics never go out of style

You can never go wrong with classics! Pearls, a diamond solitaire ring, diamond studs – these are all things you will never regret adding to your collection, and that you know you will wear all the time.

So after the thinking long and hard, let’s start listing the basics

  1. Diamond stud earringsDiamond Stud EarringsDiamond stud earrings, or studs, are must-have jewelry. They are timeless, elegant, understated, and add sparkle to any outfit.

2. A delicate necklaceA delicate necklace

A delicate necklace is a staple that all women must have in their jewelry box. Ideally, it should be an simple chain necklace that you can put on and never have to take off.

3. A tennis braceletA Tennis BraceletA tennis bracelet is another must have. It is a relatively simple bracelet, set with stunning round diamonds, all the way round. The effect is rather beautiful. A makes a good gift to give or receive.

4. Festive earringsEarringsWould you like to have an extra pair of earrings apart from the stud earrings? If so, opt for something festive.

You must have lots of options of different pairs of earrings. This way there’s always something to wear for every occasion.

5. A diamond pendant A diamond pendantDiamond pendants are a classic addition to any jewelry collection. If you have a simple gold or platinum necklace, you can alternate different pendants. This way you don’t have to invest in several necklaces but can still create different looks.

6. A cocktail ringA Cocktail RingCocktail rings are perfect as they are often large, striking and very sparkly. Another must have for your jewelry box.

7. A cuff bracelet A Cuff BraceletIt’s an absolute must-have for your jewelry collection; due to its simple, yet elegant designs. The ways you can mix & match are endless, and the cuff bracelet complements any outfit or occasion. You may go for a sporty look with jeans and white trainers or with your stylish evening gown for a more sophisticated look,.

8. Stackable ringsStackable RingsThese are rather simple rings; but when put together create a stunning look. They fit well together, making them very easy to combine.

You can choose to wear them all on one finger or on different fingers. By mixing & matching your stackable rings in different ways, you can create a unique look every day of the week.

9. Hoop earrings



Hoop EarringsHoop earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a pair that matches your style. Its another piece of jewelry you cannot miss having in your jewelry box.

10. Choker Sets / Jewelry set

Choker Sets No jewelry collection is complete without choker sets/Jewelry Set. The sets can be heavy and traditional to match saris & festivals or light for contemporary semi-formal evening gowns.

11. Gold bangles

Gold BanglesGold bangles and kada’s are another classic must haves. You can wear heavy, light, traditional or contemporary depending upon the occasion and attire. These also make for great heirloom pieces.

12. Gold / Platinum Chain

Gold ChainThe chains can be thin or thick, long or short depending upon the occasion. Short thin chains can be worn daily with pendant. Long thick can be worn with big pendants during more formal events.

13. Pearls


No jewelry collection is complete without a set of pearl. Stud pearl earrings are classic and add a touch of sophistication to everyday wear. At least one set of Pearl choker is required to complete the collection.


Once your basic pieces are covered, Take regular inventory of what you’re wearing—and what’s collecting dust—and start editing, updating and refreshing your collection accordingly. Your style will inevitably evolve as your preferences change. The joy of a jewelry collection is getting to actually wear it, so make sure your pieces are always a reflection of your unique style.

How many of these do you already own in your collection? How many more do you need to add? Let us know in the comment section.

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