9 easy ways to make most of your evenings

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After a long day of work, the only thing you probably want to do is relax and watch the next episode of your favorite series on Netflix. But there are a few things you can do to make most of your evenings.

To get started;

  1. Change into comfortable clothes

The first thing to do when you get home is to get changed into comfortable clothing. This suggests your mind that work is over and done with and ‘me time’ has begun.

2. Drink it up

a tall glass of water

Before you make a cup of tea, pour yourself a large glass of water. Air-conditioned offices are incredibly dehydrating.

Once you feel completely relaxed, it’s time to think about what to do with your evening.

3. Alternatives to watching TV

Take a look at the listings while you drink your water to see if there is anything you really want to watch rather than settling down with the remote control. If there isn’t anything on the TV why not do something different?

You may pamper yourself, read a book or call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Alternatively, spend some quality time with your partner or playing with the kids!

4. Dig into healthy food

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It really helps to have a meal ready or almost ready to eat when you get home. Make sure the fridge is stocked with healthy staples such as stir-fry ingredients, salad leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms.

a plate of food

Also, roasted makhanas, khakras, toasted nuts and seeds, fruits helps when want to munch on something healthy.

5. Plan for tomorrow

a list

To me, nothing feels better than getting organized and ready for the next day. Every night before I go to bed, I write out a to-do list of things that need to get done for the following day. It saves me time in the morning before I go to work and it releases stress that I may have.

6. Unplug for the night

Make sure you unplug from all your electronics at least an hour or so before you sleep. This can not only let you sleep a lot better, but you can focus on doing things you enjoy doing instead of just scrolling through the Internet.

7. Enjoy working on your hobbie

Boy playing guitar

palette of color

While the day might be about your job, let your nights be about what you love to do for yourself — your hobbies. Instead of focusing on work, why not learn a new skill or read a book you’ve been dying to finish?

a girl reading

8. Have a bath

Have a long luxurious bath with warm water, to help cleanse you both physically and mentally. Remove any make-up, and nourish your face and body with moisturizer to help rehydrate skin.

9. Keep a clean bedroom

Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free to aid a good night’s sleep.


Making the most of the evenings will leave you feeling more refreshed when you return the next day. Having a night time routine will also keep you fresh and motivated. Also it is good idea to avoiding drinking coffee six hours before bed and finish exercising two hours before you sleep.

How much of these do you follow to make most of your evenings? Do let me know in the comments below





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