5 Awesome Reasons Why Group Travel Is More Fun Than Solo Travel

Group travel is more fun than solo travel

After achieving a certain milestone that kept me on my toes for years, I travelled to Goa to reward myself. I had been to Goa before. So, I took the trip down to the beach armed with a camera, perfect sun glasses and a book to read just in case it disappointed half way through my stay. I planned on staying there for five days but only ended up spending just three. I had fun but not enough to make me stay for the entire duration. The thing is, I was a solo traveler.

During the day it would be fun as I strolled on the streets and along the beach but nights would be somewhat boring as I would end up in my hotel room tired and without energy to go out to party. The experience was completely different as I travelled back there with a group of friends and family.

Some of the advantages I got travelling as part of a group:

  1. Socialize and bond

One does not experience boredom as much if they travel as part of a group. There is a certain awkwardness that faces solo travelers where they are unable to have fun on their own. As a group traveler, one can scream their lungs out and pretend it’s nothing serious. In a group, you’re able to play games together, take pictures and have long conversations. You get time to bond and this experience becomes hard to forget.

2. Safety

One of the most significant advantages of group travel is the safety in numbers. I noticed that when I travel in groups, fewer people mess with us. Scammers don’t target us, annoying promoters go away quickly, and we feel more at ease to enjoy our travels. Everyone in the group just looks out for each other.

When on a road trip, if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you’re able to fix it without fear. You can also party till late in the night and walk to your hotel rooms as a group. Groups could also have a member who speaks a language of the natives and this would minimize hostility that would arise as a result of language barrier.

3. Cutting on cost

No matter what your budget is, you cannot ignore the economic side of travelling, and there’s no doubt that one of the biggest advantages of group travel is that it can be a big money-saver.

People contribute money for accommodation, fare and food which is then pooled together and used as a bargaining tool. Travelling as a group offers the opportunity to reap benefits such as discounted prices of travel, food and hotel accommodation that would be comparatively expensive if done as an individual.

Group travel is more fun than solo travel

4. Planning is made possible

People from the group come up with different ideas on the places to visit, food to sample. Roles are shared where every member is assigned a duty that will benefit the group’s trip. Some are asked to contact the hotels and bargain on their behalf, others are asked to inform the members on the general preparations they need to make prior to travelling. This makes it less hectic to plan.

When travelling solo, I will have to do all the planning and organizing by myself, it would be rather overwhelming.

5. Sample a great variety of local food

Although, there are just some things that are better about travelling in a group compared to solo.

One of our favorite parts about travelling with a group is, whenever we go out to eat we each pick something different on the menu that we want to try and then split those dishes. That way we can try more than one thing, and if you are having a hard time deciding between two different things – you can just get both!

When you are a solo traveler, you can of course order two different dishes – but usually, there is no way one person can finish it all – so there is a lot of waste. Discovering many different local dishes without spending a lot of money is one of the most significant benefits of travelling in groups.


Solo trip has its benefits too. It can also be a great adventure, as it gets you out of your comfort zone.

Singles holiday can also do wonders for your self-confidence.

Besides, I have to admit that finding proper people to travel with might be challenging

There are no black-and-white situations in life, but, all in all, I definitely prefer to travel with my spouse and friends.

So, how do you prefer to travel? solo holidays or group travels?

Do let me know your preference in the comment section.



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