11 Steps To Prepare For A Job Interview

Prepare for job interview

After job hunting for some time, you’ve received a call for that dream job.  So, how do you prepare for the job interview?

The job interview is probably the most important step you will take in your job search journey. It’s your best chance to show the hiring manager that you’re the best person for their job.

How to prepare for the job interview?

Preparing for a job interview might seem daunting, but there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself for a successful interview.

I have prepared an interviewing prep checklist to make this task easier for you.

  1. Scrutinize the company and job description carefully

The first step in the preparation process should be to go back and review the job description. The job description is a list of the qualifications, qualities and background the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. The more you can align yourself with these details, the more the employer will be able to see that you are qualified.

2. Perform research on the company and role

Researching for the company and the role is an important part of preparing for an interview. It will help you while preparing for thoughtful questions and also give you an edge over the competition.

3. Consider your answers to common interview questions

While you won’t be able to predict every question you’ll be asked in an interview, there are a few common questions you can plan answers for.

There are some jobs that may involve a test or evaluation during the interview process. It may be helpful to consult with industry colleagues of tests they’ve been given.

You should also prepare to discuss your salary expectations, just in case.

4. Practice your voice and body language

Practice a confident, strong voice and friendly, open body language to make a positive and lasting impression. Pay special attention to your smile, handshake and stride.

5. Conduct mock interviews

Practicing interviews is the best way to relieve anxiety and improve your confidence. If you have friends or family to help, conduct mock interviews as much as you can.

preparing for interview

6. Plan for minor details

Plan the perfect interview outfit. Keep your look basic and conservative for the first interview.

Don’t forget about the little things: Shine your shoes, check for loose hems, and make sure your fingernails look manicured.

Prep your purse, backpack, or briefcase. Whatever bag you carry should be large enough to hold your everyday essentials, plus your interview musts, such as extra resumes, pen and a notepad.

7. Print hard copies of your resume

Having hard copies to present to multiple interviewers shows that you’re prepared and organized. You should have at least three copies to provide for multiple interviewers, plus one for yourself to follow along.

8. Prepare a reference list.

Whether you’ll be asked for it or not. For each reference, include a name, title, organization, department, telephone number, and email address, as well as a sentence briefly explaining the relationship.

Make Travel arrangement beforehand

9. Prepare your travel arrangements.

Getting to the interview in an unfamiliar area or even an entirely new city can be a source of anxiety.

It’s best to leave with plenty of time to get to your interview, even if it means arriving way too early. Even if you leave yourself a few extra minutes to get there, small obstacles can be enough to make you late, such as heavy traffic, accidents, no parking or trouble finding the building.

10. Present yourself accurately and positively

Present your professional skills and experiences that may set you apart from other applicants,

When you prepare for a job interview, present your skills, experiences and abilities that relate to the role and think of how your can contribute to the overall goals of the department and company.

If you have metrics or stats to show your accomplishments or growth during your previous roles, they’re a great help in selling yourself during the interview.

Whatever accomplishments you have, don’t be shy about sharing them during your interview.

Prepare a few smart questions to ask when it’s your turn to ask. Make sure they’re thoughtful ones.

11. Follow up after the interview

Following up with the employer after your interview reminds the employer of your conversation, shows them you are genuinely interested.


Preparing for an interview takes the edge off the interview. It makes us appear more confident, in charge and ready to take on.

So, how do you prepare for the interview? Do share your views with us in comments.


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