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Do you love to raid your mother’s wardrobe to get your hands on sarees? Saree is such a versatile and feminine piece of garment that makes any woman elegant and graceful.

If you are looking to expand your current collection, I have curated a comprehensive countdown of the different kinds of sarees you can get from across the country. Since the list is exhaustive, I would like to present it in a 2 part series.

Let’s start

1.      Taant from West Bengal

Taant Sarees from West Bengal


A traditional saree from Bengal, it’s made of cotton and is the preferred daily wear outfit of many Bengali women. It is mostly light, easy to wear, with thick border and beautiful prints. Makes it a must have in your saree collection.

2.  Kasavu from Kerala

Kasavu Saree from Kerala

Another name of this type is Settu saree. It was traditionally only a mundu ie a dhoti, a blouse and a stole that went across the blouse. The Kasavu saree is the modern version. It now includes colours and artificial thread. Make sure to get your hands on this one!

3. Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram Sarees from Tamil Nadu

The queen of sarees, The Kanjeevaram. These sarees are made from traditionally woven silk from the region of Kanjeevaram. Saris are distinguished by their wide contrast borders. Temple borders, checks, stripes and floral (buttas) are traditional designs found on a Kanchipuram saris. The sarees are rich in colour and texture. They are grand, rich. A must have, especially, in trousseau.

4. Sambalpuri from Odisha

Sambalpuri Sarees from Orissa


A traditional handwoven saree, the Sambalpuri is a delicate weave of different techniques. Sambalpuri saris are known for their incorporation of traditional motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (flower).The threads are dyed before they are woven, so its rich color never fades.

5. Paithani from Maharashtra

Paithani Sarees from Maharashtra

The Paithani saree is a specialty of Aurangabad. Paithani has borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a peacock design. The handwoven silk saree is grand, rich and elegant. Another must have.

With this, we conclude our list for today. We will discuss another 6 varieties of sarees on Thursday.

Till then



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