Shivaji Park – An Evening To Remember

Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai

We decided to go to the iconic Shivaji Park, Dadar West, sometime back. My little one wanted to go to a fun place to visit and I wanted to introduce her to a new place of history and significance.

I thought I will share the experience with you.

Shivaji Park, dadar west, mumbai

So, I took my little one to Shivaji Park. There is a beautiful garden for kids to play.

Kids playing on slides., Shivaji Park, dadar west, mumbai

She played on slides, on swings, with other kids.

Shivaji Park Maidan

We saw the famous Shivaji Park Maidan. With youngsters playing sports. Especially cricket.

Shivaji Park is of historical and cultural value because of the political and social gatherings it has witnessed, both in pre- and post-independence Mumbai. The 28 acres of open space is renowned as having been a cradle of the game of cricket in India.

The open ground or maidan is flanked around its edge by a katta, a makeshift seat – a popular hangout for the young and old alike. The paved walkway around this perimeter is crowded with joggers and people taking walks. The remaining part of the ground and open spaces is available to the public for sports and other activities.

Narli Baug, Dadar, Mumbai

We went to another garden nearby called Narli Baug. A beautiful picturesque garden near the beach.

A favorite among the kids, young and old alike.

Narli Baug, Dadar, Mumbai

Where she again played with other kids again on slides and in sand.

Narli Baug, Dadar, Mumbai

Narli Baug, Dadar, Mumbai

After she was done playing, we went to a nearby restaurant to have a bite. There are lots of good food joints around Shivaji Park. Serving both traditional local Maharashtrian cuisines as well as chain of coffee brands.

Dinner at Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai

We strolled around the park to have a look.

And saw the beauteous Worli-Bandra sea link.  A huge, majestic bridge right at the heart of the city.  We were spell-bound by its beauty in the late evening.

Worli - Bandra Sea Link, Mumbai

Having had our fill of history, beauty and food for the day. We came home exhausted and happy.

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