Stuck in a Style Rut? Here’s How To Break It

Stuck in Style Rut? Here's how to break it

With offices starting and trend of working from home seems to be on a decline; your wardrobe and personal style may need a bit of reassessing and, if necessary, get your style mojo back.

I’m going through a bit of this right now myself. This is how I’m trying to get out of my style rut.

Accept The Changes

1.     Accept the Changes

One of the hardest things about getting your style mojo back in general is realizing that your body has changed. It’s not only about gaining a few kilos but it’s also about fit.

With staying at home for about a year, eating all you wanted and not being as physically active as you should have, there are going to be changes in your body.

So, my advice is to accept the changes to your body, and realize that you may need to invest in few key pieces that fit well.

2) Assess what’s working.

You may still have some  great numbers right now that works — like black trousers, jeans, cotton Kurtis with leggings, assorted tops, cotton pants, pencil skirts — and you’re just looking to mix it up a little or maybe add a few more trendy and latest in-season pieces without throwing out your entire wardrobe.

3) Change something up

Try something new to get excited

Sometimes, we get into the habit of doing nothing different and this can be a serious mojo buster.

It doesn’t always need to be dramatic!   I always get my mojo on by visiting a mall and trying out a few new beauty products.   Makes me excited to get up the next morning and try out all my goodies.  A new perfume.   Waterproof eyeliner.   Moisturizer that promises a few less wrinkles!    I’m ready for the day.

4) Make an effort.  

What really gets me going is finding and putting on a great outfit, a stiletto, a new hair style and a little makeup to complete the look. That makes me excited to walk confidently out of the door of my home and ready to take on the day.    Feel Confident with a well put together look

There is nothing more powerful than a well put together look on those days when you need a little extra mojo.

5) Wear Clothes That Are Flattering.   

Looking good will make you feel good.    There is nothing more flattering than the perfect flowing dress that has a wrap effect which falls gently on the hem.   It is a perfect go to for day to night dressing!

6)Put on the heels.   

Putting on stilettoes to gain self-confidence


90% of the ladies told me that wearing a great pair of heels make them feel more confident.

Why you ask?

Because they make us stand taller and feel thinner, that’s why!

Instant mojo booster.

7) Get Inspiration from Social Media.

Get inspiration from Social Media for a well put together look

There are tons of latest styles and looks trending on social media. You can pin your Pinterest with looks and outfits you like and try creating the looks for yourself.

8) Start trying things on!

Put on makeup to hide imperfections

Shopping, clothes swaps, borrowing… they’re all good.

If you have similar-sized friends, try to do a closet declutter event at the same time or borrow or exchange with your friends. This way you may have lots of new things without breaking a bank.


Everyone gets into a style rut once in a while.

But the key is to do something different than normal to get out of it.

A new lipstick here or a new hairstyle there are enough of a start to break the rut and slowly incorporating new things can get your mojo back.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on style ruts? Have you been in one recently? What did you do to get your style back?

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